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Sunday, October 24, 2010
@ 9:31 PM

 Sometimes i just wonder people in these world are too nosy .
Just because of a small thing , you wanna make it a big fuss , tssk .
Im not creating a fight , if you think i am , then i have no comments .
Its not wrong for me to be happy when they brokeup , tsssk .
'Angkat paiseh' ? Whats that supposed to mean ?
I have no time seriously , aku taknak gaduh pasal perkara kecik .
Whatever it is , they are back together and whats the big deal ?

One more thing , sometimes people forgot that they have no rights to compliment about people's post at their
blogs . Because its their blog and its their say . IM SORRY .


Wednesday, October 20, 2010
@ 12:12 AM

Its not about sweetness and romance in relationship that im looking for .
Its also about fun and nonsense . Thats what makes us more closer together and enjoy our dates .
If we were to stay romantic and sweet always , i would rather date a sugar ,hehehhe .
so i loved my boyfriend so muccch for being the best joker when im with him .
and Eh girl , what you say about my boyfriend? well , shut up cause for your info your boyfriend much more worst ,like mat malaysia . Slack under the blocks with guitars , like no life . dont know how to shop how to dress . if he were to wlak at town , no one look at him sia i think . HAHAHAHAHHA , shut up .

Monday, October 18, 2010
@ 7:30 PM

Life is so full of fake people ah .
their mouth fake , their looks fake , even their feelings .
everything is so fake ,URGHHHH . You can be a faker , but please be it at the right time la .
aigooooo , once you know you are fake , dont talk much cause you make everything around you so much more faker , so yea . i dont think i need a friend like you .

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Sunday, October 17, 2010
@ 1:36 AM

No one is perfect .
so don't think yourself as the most perfect or beautiful girl .
If you think you are , go look into the mirror ,
i bet it will crack bitch .


Sunday, October 10, 2010
@ 10:11 PM

OKEY , BREAKING NEWS on 10/10/10 .LOL , i love this date so mucch :)
i had a great day , i lost my ezlink and found it back and whats more worst ?
Zee Shilton i single peoples ! HAHAHAHAH , even she's happy okey so dont call me a bad friend .
im happy for her because , finally she's free from that ass , no one is controlling her anymore , she can enjoy and atlast she got brains to think . hehehe , i cant see a friend of mine crying every single day , fighting with her boyfriend right? who wont be mad ? and finally ,i dont have to see ajib face coming to our table during recess and he could stop using me and my friends names :) Well , i do have some words to tell Zee . eventhough you are not sad over this breakup , there's always some little things that might upset you after 1 year togther . OH IM SURE YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING OVER somewhere in your heart :) but life has to move on bby , let him be the part of your history . just smile and be glad that he was once your's .

SO LONG AJIB , goodbyeeee :)


Saturday, October 9, 2010
@ 1:31 AM

I cant stop watching Shinee hello baby all because of this kiddo :)
his eyes are like crystals , his cheeks are so puffy :)
bby was browsing through my pictures and saw this .
he said he wanted a child like this .
C'mon , i dont wanna get married so fast , enjoy life first :)

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Friday, October 8, 2010
@ 5:14 PM

IM BORED , thats the reason why im posting :)
its been weeks since i last watched music bank , i missed alot of comebacks .
im just too lazy , forgetful or not free on fridays :)
OH , look up there ^^ MY OPPA , i mean my boyfriend :)
LOL , how i wished i had a boyfriend like him :)))
JYJ coming this 16th October and i cant believe it that im not going !
GOSSH , they are like King Of KPop :( My Yoochun not handsome already .
they looked old , OH wait they are old . hahahah :)
Jaejoong still hoooot wit his chocolate abs *MELTS*
Im hungry , im sleepy , no one at home .